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Snapper Belt Removal


LawnSite Silver Member
mark_the_psycho said:
I have a 1980-something Snapper rear engine riding mower and I need to get the belt off. I can't see any easy way of doing it without removing engine. Please help.
Take the deck off so you can get under there easier. Pay attention to the fact that as you shift the drive gears it moves the drive assy. in and out on top of the drive pulley. There SHOULD be enough slop at.. I want to say the fastest speed that you can tilt the drive assy. (the portion that sits on top of the pulley) up away from the trans pulley enough to slip the belt through.


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I will try to explain but in this case it's easier done than said. Snapper has the rear bumper so you can lift the front end up and stand it up on the rear bumper providing you have a sealed battery, If not remove it then make sure the gas cap is on tight and the vent closed. Once the unit is on end push the clutch with your hand and put the shifter in 5th gear, With the belt off the deck and engagment pulleys but still sticking up towards the deck pulley grab the left side of the belt and pull it around the engine drive disc and stick it between the engine disc and the belt guide, While holding pressure on the belt grab the engine disc and rotate it and the belt will be squeezed between the two. Once past pull some slack to the bottom of the rubber disc using a long screwdriver or pry bar stick it in the slot on the yoke ( the 1/2" slot the trans. slides back and forth in) and push down just enough to start the belt between the engine disc and rubber disc and grab the engine disc and rotate it unit the belt squeezes past then just pull it out the top. To install the new one just reverse the procedure.


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One other thing, Once you get done and go to start the engine give it full throttle only do NOT choke it.