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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardboyltd, Jul 12, 2001.

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    Last Sunday I was talking to a guy about mowing and telling him I was looking for rider. He said he's go one he'll sale. I tell I'm not really interested in any residential mowers. He tells come by anyways. I go to his house and we drive up to local mower shop where it was getting repaired (sitting there for 3 months!!). Anyways I saw this thing and about fell over. It's old, old, old snapper 8hp 32" Comet. I asked what he wanted for it, nothing. Got home on the internet and searched for info. Not much except they stopped making the Comet in 66. 35 years old!! Get this, it didn't run but took it to a better shop that doesn't take 3 months to make repairs and they checked everything out and put a used pull starter and heat shield(missing), new oil filter, new fuel filter, and did some adjustments and she works!! Cost me $19, not bad I think. This thing is actually fun to drive.

    Yesterday I was mowing my yard, doesn't do to bad. I took a break in the middle and when I went to start it, it fell in first and took off down the yard with me running behind it. :blob3:

    Guys I don't know what to do with this thing!! Should I use it to mow? It just goes to show you how reliable the briggs engines are(or use to be) I can rebuild it; have the tools.
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    Those little riders are great mowers. I had two 8hp 32 inch comets (one got stolen). Both of them still run and cut fair after many years, only thing is that they will scalp like crazy! I have also tried to find info on the comets on the internet but have had hardly no good results. The stolen one was older than the one i still have, mine i believe is a 64 but im not for sure. The other one was my grandpa's (man i hate thiefs!!) I want to find a snow plow for mine, but they must be rare because i have only seen one and it was not for sale.

  3. hey I have one a 1965 and still make money with it

    I started my biz with this mower
    I had no time to mow my parents so my dad got another one to cut his grass 1985

    later that year we bought a Toro Groundsmaster 117 52"

    goes to show we all start some where

    in the spring I use the snapper to pull a lawn sweep to pick up gum balls

    well good luck with your $19 snapper LGF
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    I'm amazed this many of these mowers have been around for this time

    A snowplow? The thought never crossed my mind before, might actually make me some money around here. I can only imagine what the "pros" in the winter would think of my little red snapper getting high centered

    I'll take a picture in the morning so all you ZTR guys and see how good you've got it.

    How do I found out what year it is? Engine Casting #'s? Where?

    The only bad thing is that it smokes and shoot small sparks out the exhaust :). Didn't find that out until neighbor walked by and started yelling all of the sudden!! I know what causes the smoke(oil leak-rings or valve guides) but what causes the sparking? Think I might do a rebuild...
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    Well i cut my teeth on this mower also. they still sell a mower that is very similar. snapper lived on that disk drive for yrs.
    one thing ,run your tires low and turn wide. they are a rough riding machine.
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    Is anybody out there framiliar with the plate drive on the older comet I have 5hp 26" given to me a while back that needed a new engine.What I'm wondering between the drive wheel and the brake drum is a fiber disk.Is the drive wheel supposed to turn freely between the brake drum or is it supposed to be tighter like a clutch.I have never worked on one of these before ,and where could I find a manual for these ?
  8. yardboyltd

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    Pictures of my Comet

    Okay you can stop laughing now :)

    I had trouble getting pictures up on my domain server so put them on webshots. Sometimes those things are a little to user friendly, making me confused... :)

    I took it out to mow two days ago. Did the backyard (fescue/kentucky) first to make sure it wasn't going to eat dirt. Lefts some nice stripes. Really, stop laughing.

    So I took it out front to the Bermuda. It didn't go so good and one section of the lawn appears brown... It's like a bad haircut, all you can do is wait. In the first picture in the bottom left you can kind of see where it scalped.

    What do you think I should do with this? Rebuild this winter and make it look better than 35 years ago? Sell it?(Repair shop says they have hard time selling them for over $200, but at auction they've seen them go for triple that) Maybe rebuild and sell it. Or use it for small stuff like lawn sweeper...

    Okay seriously you ZTR guys can stop laughing.
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    Looks like it won't take much to get it lookin' good,
    Whatever you do DON'T sell it, it willl last longer than alotof stuff built today!
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    i bet that things faster than that fire chicken in the back ground.

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