Snapper Grounds Cruiser yr 200o, Good or bad>=?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bebbenga, Feb 11, 2012.

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    has anyone owned and worked on one of these 4x2, snappers? I found with 900 hrs, yer 2000, had hyd. dump box, Kawaski 250 ccc engine, What are there problems? It sold new for about $6500, what is it worth today?
    also has snow blade on front. cab and lights.
    owner wants $4900, is it worth it? Bryan
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    The last year I worked in a dealership we sold several. Seemed to be a solid piece of equipment. I serviced one of those units on a yearly basis after I left the shop in 2002. Didn't experience any unusual problems--normal service items, oil, oil filter, air filter and plug. Replaced one throttle cable. The location of the air filter was my only criticism, particularly when used it dusty conditions. A remote air filter someplace other than under the bed would have been a better choice.

    $4900 for an 11 year old unit seems a bit steep. Looking around on equipment sites, I ran across an 06 with 500 hours for $3250 and another with no description for $2900. The best advice I could suggest is to find a Snapper dealer and ask them about used stuff. In my humble opinion, the add on stuff is something the owner is going to have to take a hit on unless he finds exactly the right buyer.

    Just my opinion--your mileage may vary.
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    Dutch is absoltely correct....
    Even if it were in showroom condition, there are a lot of rubber parts that don't like being 11 years old.
    Keep on shopping.
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