snapper hi-vac mulch kit (can you bag)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by METRO 36, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. METRO 36

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    :drinkup: I have a snapper hi vac i use to get in those tight spot's. well anyway i went down to today and got a mulch kit ( a chute plug and a ninja mulching blade) this is my question when i was reading the papers that came with the kit.

    It stated TO SIDE DISCHARGEING OR BAG YOU MUST FIRST REMOVE THE MULCHING BLADE AND PUT YOUR STANDARD HI-LIFT BLADE BACK ON. Doe's anyone bag with the ninja mulching blade's. I know they wouldnt do as well as a hi-lift, but are they really as bad as the dealor make's them out for bagging. I only bag a few lawn's or if the grass is high and a double cut doesn't do the job.

    So doe's anyone have any expercince with this perticular set,or situation? I do have another trim mower,but i would like to just haul one around with me.
  2. sethsodsquad

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    The ninja blades work fine for bagging, however, I have found that the ninja blades aren't that good for mulching. My current set-up includes the side discharge chute or mulch plate (not plug) and the high lift blade. It works the best for the types of lawns that I do.
  3. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    So u just use a standard hi-ift to mulch,or bag? I had a toro pro-line rear bagger with a standard blade,and it worked fine. Whether i was mulching or bagging,When i start mowing i might just try both and go with whatever work's best but it is nice to know i can bag with the ninja blade.thank's for the info:)
  4. Roger

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    I used a Snapper for a few years after starting commercial work. It is an older model (1985?), but I am not sure the deck design for the hi-vac models have changed much, if any.

    I used a Ninja mulching blade, but sparingly for grass. It works well for leaves. However, the Ninja blades have little lift. They are designed to have low lift so that the debris can be deposited back to the turf. For my use, they do not have enough lift to ever get the clippings through the chute and into the bag. Oh yes, for light clipping count, it might work. But, if the clipping count is that low, then I have no need of bagging.

    I bought a set of Ninja blades for my Exmark, 36" Viking. I intended to use them with mulching baffles, but discovered the setup didn't work well enough to continue use. I could only use it sporadically and the time to mount/dismount the baffles was about 20 minutes (each way), and that was too long (shorter time to bag). But, just as important, the quality of cut was lousy. The blades left stringers and the finish cut was rough. I abandoned the idea for grass, but I do use the Ninja blades in the Fall for leaf mulching -- the best leaf mulching setup I have.

    My point is that Ninja blades have their place, just like other mulching blades. But, for me, bagging is not one of those good uses.

    BTW, near the end of using the Snapper, I used a standard blade, with lifter wings on the end. Adding the wings for bagging was really effective.

    I still have the mower, now mounted with the third engine. Parts of the idler on the drive system needs to be replaced because of wear. I just pulled it out the other day, considering making those repairs to have a backup machine for good bagging. Now, I primarily use a LB commercial hand mower, with side bagger - the most bullet-proof bagger I've used.
  5. lawnboy dan

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    you cannot bag at all with the ninja. get a gator blade and you can do both
  6. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I plan on getting gator blade's the only reason i got the ninja blade was because it came with the mulching kit,how do the gator's do for side discharging on an exmark 36???
  7. Sharp Services

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    I agree ... I have two 21 " Snappers on my trailer. One with Ninja blades/Mulch kit and the other has the high lift blades for bagging.
  8. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Since i only bag a few yard's and most i can git with my metro, I think ill set my other 21in mower up with some gator blades to bag when i have to. thank's for the info

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