Snapper Hydro WB mulch kit anyone?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, May 22, 2003.

  1. gogetter

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    Just wanted to check to see if anyone here that uses a Snapper Hydro WB has any experience with thier mulch kit?

    I own a 52" fixed deck and was wondering if thier kit works good or not.
    I saw a picture of the kit and surprisingly it is only special blades and a block off plate for the discharge. No baffles like on an Exmark mulch kit.

    The blades are thier "Ninja" blades, shaped almost like double blades. If you took two capital "Y"'s and attached the bottoms, that's what the blade looks like. Two cutting edges at each end.

    The kit costs around $250 according to a dealer I called!!!!
    Here's the kicker, I saw the same thing on ebay two weeks ago and it went for like $50. Brand new too! I was going to bid but it ended early in the morning and I forgot to get up!!.

    Oh well, anyone use one? Thanks.
  2. Joel B.

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    I have a Snapper 52" floating deck hydro W/B and have been using the mulch kit this spring. As with any mulch kit, you don't want to cut too much grass off at one time and the grass should be fairly dry for best results. Following this advice, it works great, the clippings just disappear.

    I have used it on a couple lawns where I was cutting off about 3-5" of grass and mulching. I know that is way too much grass to be mulching but after I double cut the yard it looked great. I know if I had just discharged the clippings, the yard would have looked terrible.

    I thought mine was about $120. Bottom line, the kit has worked well for me. Sure beats bagging or having a yard full of clippings.

    Joel B.
  3. gogetter

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    Joel, I really appreciate the input. If I can find it for that price range, I'll get one, but $250 is a LOT of money for 3 blades and a block off plate!

    Thanks again!

  4. Joel B.

    Joel B. LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
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    What year is your Snapper? HP?

    from AL
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    Unless you have to mulch to keep grass out of landscaped beds it's much better to discharge.

    Less strain on mower & almost same benefits as mulching if you use gators.
  6. gogetter

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    Ultimate, well,....... beds, and street, sidewalks, driveways, siding.
    I'm doing too much blowing on some properties.

    Joel, not sure of year, bought it used. It's at least a few years old.
    Only 16hp. Wouldn't mind having a larger engine for the really tall, wet days in spring, but honestly it does pretty good regardless.

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