Snapper Kees 36" WB mower FS

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    Selling the Snapper Kees 36" walk behind, its got a good smooth running 12.5 Kawasaki, manual start. Starts easy, no knocks, no smoke. Drives good and mows good as well. No sulky.

    Muffler will need replacing probably in a year, as it has a good amount of rust from sitting, it's still quiet, but the spark arrestor is shot. Mower sat in an enclosed shed at a local church for about 5 or 6 years and appears to be a low hour machine from its condition.

    Lots of new parts as well as a fresh tune up:

    Oil & filter just changed
    New Air Filter
    New Fuel Shut off valve
    New Ignition Switch
    Blades Sharpened
    Spindles are great and just greased
    Belts in good shape
    Front casters freshly greased
    Tires are weather checked, but hold air fine

    -Operator presence safety switch is currently broken so it is therefore disabled at this time, but it will be replaced before the mower is sold.

    -Original plastic belt & pulley shield is missing, so that will also be replaced before it is sold with a painted metal one.

    I'm asking $750 but I'm willing to accept any good offers and/or trade for a good running JD 200/300 series garden tractor. Local dealer looked at it and said they could get $1000 for it, but I don't want to end up keeping it for a long time from being overpriced. I am selling it because I don't have the space to keep it at home and a WB is impractical with the kind of operation I run.

    I can be reached at: , and (919)-971-2410 (after 9pm).

    Pics are available upon request, but since it is being stored at the family farm, the earliest I will be able to take pics will be this coming weekend.

    Thanks in advance.

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