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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LakeCountry, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. LakeCountry

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    Hi guys, I have been offline for a long time, but back again. I am looking at a mower I have had in the garage. It's an 8hp Snapper rear-engine rider, you've all seen them. Last summer I maintained my five accounts with a JD that I was borrowing while I built my new house, this would work I think for a season or two while I start picking up new accounts and growing into better equipment.

    I talked with a local retailer that sells everything from Cub Cadet Commercial, onther with ExMark and a third with JD and Husq'e, I am thinking of throwing in an 12hp Tecumseh for a quick $400 fix for this mower and then saving for some good ZTR or walk-behind in the near future.

    I am looking to maybe add one or two accounts this year as I have a full-time job and need to Landscape my cleared two acres. I think this will be good for a couple of seasons...

    Comments? This unit has a thatcher attach, bagger, 32" deck, estart etc...
  2. Snapper Commet?

    If the crank is the same size it will be easy.

    Otherwise you will need to change to much, like pully and gear selctor drive thingy.
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    For that same $400 you can get a much better 8hp B&S I/C engine much more reliable than the Tecumseh and just as strong. Should bolt right on. Or for $400 I will sell you a much better mower- a 32" Toro rear engine rider with almost new (15 hrs) 8hp B&S I/C and new belts. It's ready to go and very reliable. Cuts nice and stripes sweet! For alittle more money you can find a good used 36" or so walk behind and if lucky find a sulky for it make it alot faster than the Snapper.
    good luck,
    Eric :cool:
  4. LakeCountry

    LakeCountry LawnSite Member
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    So y'all are saying I could get a better b/s engine for the same money? I was looking to get into something that would last a couple of seasons that I could use as a back-up machine after I buy a new ExMark...

    Shaft length on the Tecumseh is a dead on match. I suppose the orig engine is a B/S so it should be no different... I'll look into that!

    Thanks!! Good to be back!
  5. LakeCountry

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    I looked into a couple engines and I am going with the B/S. I have been demoing the Exmarks and want to wait one more season til I can get my detatched garage built so I have a place to store it all. This snapper can fit in behind my truck and $450 is an easy sum to swallow for now...

    Thanks guys
  6. MRT68

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    need help? need to replace motor on rear older snapper 28" it has 8 hp b&s
    talked to b&s to day they said.a 13 h.p b&s #21a907 elect start woulddo the trick.
    be least it does come with gas tank and muffler.
    any help
  7. saw man

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    Take a look at Tecumseh (the company) and the recent downfall and I think you will go for something else.

    The 12.5/13 hp Briggs would be a good choice or even one of these would work well.

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