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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by njyamahauler, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. njyamahauler

    njyamahauler LawnSite Member
    Messages: 8

    Does anyone know what a fair price would be for a one year old used 36" walk behind Snapper mower with a floating deck? The guy is asking $2000. Sounds a little high.
  2. Kubota

    Kubota LawnSite Member
    Messages: 4

    too high, especially for a walk behind. get a rider.
  3. anythinglawns

    anythinglawns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 81

    Too much
    I don't know if a 36" cost that much new. I think they are around $1800.00.
  4. Buzz_2004

    Buzz_2004 LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
    Messages: 6

    I personaly dont know what they cost but i can asure they are excelant mowers. We own a 52in. walkbehind and have owned it for 3 years now. There has never been any problems w/ it and it is very low maintence.

    See if he will come down on his price any! Good LUCK!
  5. anythinglawns

    anythinglawns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 81

    I forgot to mention that I have a 48". WB. This is my 5th season with it. It has been a great mower.
  6. TurfGuyTX

    TurfGuyTX LawnSite Senior Member
    from DFW
    Messages: 648

    How many hours on it? What kind of engine? I'd want to know the answers to give you advice. I like snapper's too. Good luck.
  7. njyamahauler

    njyamahauler LawnSite Member
    Messages: 8

    I think the guy said that it had a 15 HP Kohler engine. It has a grass catcher and as far as hours are concerned, I'm not sure. He said he used it for a "light" lawn care service for the past year.
  8. sirsweatsalot

    sirsweatsalot LawnSite Senior Member
    from MN
    Messages: 296

    floating decks are a lot more pricier then 1500 new i priced them out im my last rain day. snapper has the deck seperate from the rest of the mower so basically you by the motor and gear or hydro pice then you buy either the fixed or floating deck. i think like a 15 hp hydro was like 3000 plus 1000 for floating deck. so use that for an example for thinking about buying a used.

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