snapper pro hydro 36 WB??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by inzane, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. inzane

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    i found one for sale for $1100 with 190 hrs. its 36" hydro.. it looks good. i have never heard much about snapper commercial mowers? does it sound worth 1100? does it seems like it might be a good deal?
  2. MensingMowingPlus

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    I bought a snapper pro 36 hydro this summer. They are Ferris' slightly cheaper mowers, and by cheaper I mean financially. The only difference on the ferris and snapper pro 36 is snapper had no electric start and the ferris has timed blades. It is definitely a deal, but the snappers are cheap to begin with, mine was $4300 out the door. They are tanks. They use them to mow the sides of highways and other rough city property here in Missouri. I would pay that any day of the week especially with only 190 hours
  3. ed2hess

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    I would go for that we have one and in the fourth year and the only problems have been the kaw coils went out on both cyclinders. That is common however. Oh we did break the foot pedal off and had to weld it back and put a stop on it.

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