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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DCE, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. DCE

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    This afternoon I stopped in to visit the local Snapper and Snapper Pro dealer here. I talked with him earlier in the week and found out he has one of the hydro floating deck walk behinds with those loop steering controls. I've seen pics of the mower on the Snapper Pro site but have yet to see one for myself. Did just that today. The one I saw was model # SPLH17. 17 HP Kawi recoil start, 48" fabricated 7 ga deck, dual hydro drive.

    Overall, it's a very well built mower. It's got a few key features that are some of the major selling points of this particular mower. First, the hand crank height adjustments on both sides of the deck. On both sides of the engine deck are height of cut indicators so you are sure to get the deck level as you change heights. Second, the 6 gallon fuel tank. Most WB's are 5 gallon. Third is the loop steering controls with Accutrac tracking adjustment. The levers are big and wide, thus feels comfortable. In between the levers is a joystick control lever which is your Accutrac adjustment. Move lever to either side and that will adjust your tracking on-the-fly, without taking your eyes off of where you are going. Fourth and finally, the rubber discharge chute. It appears to be the same thickness as that on the Toro Turbo Force. Overall construction of the deck and deck carrier frame is very good.

    In spite of the long-overdue rain we have been getting these past few days, they let me loose on the mower in the parking lot. Surprisingly, the loop controls are indeed, comfortable in operation and direction changes/turning is very smooth and controlled. Minimal pressure is needed to actuate the levers. I was impressed with how well it drove.

    One thing I did note about the unit is it seemed to have narrow drive wheels/tires for a mower of this size. It appears that a wider wheel/tire can be used and you still have a bit of the trim side of the deck protruding beyond the drive wheel. Another thing I noted was the metal crank handle for the LH side of the deck is directly below the muffler. So, adjusting the height of the deck after you've run the mower the crank probably will be just a little warm to the touch :)

    Anyway, this is just my first impressions of this mower since I've been waiting for some time to see one for myself. Can anyone comment on how well it cuts/stripes? Here's a few quick and dirty shots I took of it with the camera on my cell phone.

    Snapper Pro hydro 1.jpg

    Snapper Pro hydro Comfort Loop 1.jpg

    Snapper Pro hydro Comfort Loop 2.jpg
  2. alwaysgreenirrigation

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    I own this exact mower...bought it used. I think mine is a 2000 model. This mower has not changed that I know of ....still the same good mower. built heavy and easy to use. The only thing I dont especially like is changing blades. You have to hold the nut on the top while turning the nut near the blade. Then you have to drop out the spindle or blade shaft out of the deck to get the blade off. Just takes more time and hands!! Other than that its a good mower.
  3. Double D

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    I have that mower in 52", built like a tank. I got mine in 99, and it looks just like the one in the pics.
    It does not mulch very well, if that is important to you.
  4. ed2hess

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    We got 2 36" units just like the 48" unit and they are holding up fine. One downside is the controls sure you fingars are long enough to handle the controls when running close to wide open. It isn't for a short fingar guy and it is hard on the hands. Another thing it can be a little unsafe if one side slips off the neutral latch you can get a keep the safety working. Go out in the middle of a field and let one side slip and see what happens. We prefer the Scag hydro better but they also cost more.
  5. John Gamba

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    On the hight adjusters. Adjust your hight in Quarter inch increments. adjust one side then the next side,you can strip the adjustment mechanism if you lift one side to high.
  6. greenscapes inc.

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    I had 6 of these mowers and now I'm down to one. They are pretty good mower but they are just not fast enough for me and they don't cut as well as my Z's I don't think the blade speed is fast enough. I like the controls but its not every easy for a new guy to learn. I have paid alot of money for damage caused from lack of experience. The height adjusters will eventually rust out so pack if full of grease or water and debris will pack in there. They do make a nice stripe.
  7. naturescape

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    I've had two of these machines, you don't have to be THAT picky. I could change mine like, 3/4" at a time per side. As soon as it starts to get harder to turn, that's when you have to go to the other side and crank.
  8. naturescape

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    VERY short fingers here, small hands. The Snapper rep told me this adjustment you can make -- drill a hole and mount the bolt for the spring on each side about 1/2" higher than it is and remount the bolt. Try it! You will LOVE how much easier it is on the hands.
  9. Lawnut101

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    Hi guys, I have an older fixed model unit. It's a 1995, but it looks just like that. Am I the only one, or does anyone else notice that it leaves a strip of uncut grass at certain times? Just be aware of this. I think that swapping the blades to some better ones (not stock) would help this problem. But, the controls are pretty nice on this mower. Better hand positioning than the pistol grips. Overall, I'd say a good mower.
  10. John Gamba

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    Thank you ray. If yiu keep cranking it,you will strip it.

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