Snapper Pro Kawasaki FX600V not starting hot

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by stonny9, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. stonny9

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    Bought a slightly used snapper pro a few months ago with 9hrs. Now with 20 hrs several times after shutting it off will not restart for a while not matter what I do. When it does it stumbles for a few seconds then clears up running fine. Immediately after trying to start it I smell gas. I have removed plugs which werent wet and turned motor over to blow out any gas. Was getting great spark on both plugs. Starting fluid doesnt help either. Happened earlier today and my brother tried to start if after 30 mins of trying and happened to switch tanks and it started up and stumbled for a few seconds like it does after not starting and then ran fine.

    It has only done it when hot and can happen from 1 min to 10 mins from shutting it off hot.

    Just trying to get info before I bring it to the dealer for warranty repair.
  2. tigerepairdotcom

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    You first need to do a test. A spark test. When it is not starting. To see if it is a no spark problem. I am not sure if you did since your description is not clear if you checked before or after.
  3. stonny9

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    I checked the spark twice the last time it happened and even left one plug in and tried to start it. It was getting good spark turning it over a few times cycling the key but still failed to start after putting the plugs back in. I also stopped by the local dealer that I go to and found out that the warranty is only for the original purchaser. I didnt get the same friendly vibe that I normally get when asking about it. I dont want to bring it to my normal dealer or the other dealer that it was bought from and have trouble getting it back after the fact.

    Is there a way to look up any recalls? I am going to hold off on the diagnosing until it happens again. Next time it happens I am going to turn the fuel tank valve as it started last time when it was turned but could've been a coincidence.
  4. tigerepairdotcom

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    Okay you need an inline spark tester. An engine needs considerably more coil power to create spark at compression. So plugs need to be in and we need to know if there is spark then preferably an adjustable spark checker. Checked at 2mm and at 6mm at 2mm spark should be bright and at 6mm spark should be blue.

    You may not have spark with your spark plugs in. Either an adjustable in line spark tester OR if you happen to have a known good coil laying around try that.

    you need:

    1. fuel
    2. spark
    3. compression

    What is your compression reading cold? And hot? You are sure it is getting fuel? Then letsachekkadat spark
  5. Patriot Services

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    Does it fire after you put a shot of fuel down the carb? Could be old fashioned vapor lock.
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  6. LCPullman

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    Sounds a lot like either vapor lock or flooding. . . I know you said the plugs weren't wet, but both the fact that you are smelling gas and your description of it stumbling for a few moments after it starts up sounds like too much fuel. Have you tried opening the gas cap(s) when it won't start to see if you've got pressure build up in the tanks? Your comment about switching tanks made me wonder . . . Not sure how these newer gas tanks vent, but I know on the older ones that if the vents clog you can have problems.
    If it is vapor lock or flooding, you would want to be sure you didn't choke the machine at all when you are attempting the get it started - just have full throttle and crank till it starts.
  7. stonny9

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    Sorry for the delay but didnt get email about thread responses.

    I only cut 5 lawns every two weeks and didnt have time to trouble shoot it this time as it only happens when hot and it doesnt always do it but I was able to see air bubbling through the intake side of the gas filter when turning the motor over after it failed to start when hot. I loosened both fuel caps and tried switching tanks with zero change.

    Next step is to check hose fittings and maybe swap to hose clamps as I have a bunch of stainless steel ones. I am also gonna check the vent/emissions lines for blockage.

    Patriot adding gas or starting fluid has zero effect.

    LCPullman I didnt note any pressure release in tank when opening caps but I would imagine it only needs to be 1 psi or so to cause flooding which could be happening as soon as engine is shut off. I have tried turning motor over at full throttle for several seconds several times with breaks to cool the starter motor. My brother switching tanks could have just been a coincidence or maybe not.

    Next cut I will make time to diagnose because eventually I am gonna get stuck waiting for it to start with it stuck off the trailer.
  8. Jeff in AL

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    I have seen several with nearly the same conditions you have stated...

    First, look at the PDF I attached and see if this is your problem.

    Secondly, you can post or PM me your Engine Model, Spec. and Serial Numbers and I will see if your engine falls within the range of a TSB that pertains to this issue.

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  9. stonny9

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  10. stonny9

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    I will look at your link in a minute I was able to look at it last week and notice the fuel filter was sucking air on the intake side when starting it I am going to go through the fuel lines to check for leaks but i am out off town now.
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