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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mjealey, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Here is my review of my two Snapper Pro s 150x!!!

    First off, Snapper is not the only brand that I have. Like A lot of people, I have a garage full of toys and equipment including John Deere, Craftsman, Stihl, Shindaiwa, Honda, and Scag just to name a few. I try to stay impartial and I do truly believe that there are several great commercial equipment companies out there. From my experience, I am comparing my Snappers to equipment that I have experience on.

    I began looking for a ZTR at the beginning of the year (picked up a few larger lawns). At the time didn't need anything real big, 48" would do. Looked at everything dealers had to offer in the area. (Scag, Exmark, Toro, Wright, Gravley, John Deere, Kubota) Happened to be driving down the road and saw a small hardware store and had a few Snapper Ztr's outfront and stopped to look. Was impressed and did some more research and decided to buy a few weeks later. Snapper Pro s150x is basically a rebadges Ferris 1500 with out the suspension. Parts actually come in Ferris wrappings.

    Reasons for Buying:

    1. Price - came down between Snapper Pro s150x and a SCAG Tiger cub. Snapper out the door was about $5,950 with tax. The Scag was quoted at $6,999 from three dealers not including tax. About $1,500.00 difference.

    2. Engine - Scag came with a 19 hp kawasaki and I could get the Snapper s150x with a 21 hp Kawi and both were 48" cut.

    3. Hydro Pumps - Scag came with 10cc pumps, while Snapper came with 12cc pumps and 16cc wheel motors. Snappers are also fan cooled and the Tiger Cub's were not.

    4. Financing - Had money to pay for it, but wanted to keep that money on hand and liquid. I did 12 months same as cash on the mower and just payed it off. Mower more than paid for itself.

    5. Miscelleaneous - Snapper came with the Commercial air cleaner and a foldable ROPS, Scag did not.

    First impression is that this machine is built very well. 7-gauge frame and a 10-gauge deck. The 21 HP Kawi is a real power house. For being on the small end of the HP chain it really has a lot of pop for this mower. It motors through thick grass and doesn't really bog down while going up a hill. Have no experiance, but I do think that it would bog down with a powered bagging system or mulching in thick grass. Motor is really smooth running also.

    The cut quality is very good. It stripes nice and really leaves a good clean cut. I purchased the striping kit, which is nothing more than a piece of rubber that bolts on to the back of the deck, and helps with striping very minimal. Deck creates a lot of lift. However, if you are in thick wet grass it will clump up a little on you. It isn't quite as good as the Scag in wet grass.

    Ride quality is pretty good. It is just a little bit smoother than the Scag. I did not opt for the suspension seat and got what came on it. Normal seat with arm rests and a seat belt. If there is one thing bad about this mower is the seat. While I mow I like to sit up straight so I can see in front of me and the ground a little bit better. The seat sort of leans back a little and is not real comnfortable. If I lean back against the seat to where it supports my back I am leaned back a little and not comnfortable for me. If I had to do it over I would get a suspension seat. In fact, this winter I might buy one and try it out.

    One other thing I do not like about it is the fact that it is not very good on hills at all. Compared to other ZTR's I have mowed with this one is one of the worst on hills. The back end really likes to slide out when going across a hill worse than others. Demoed a Snapper s200x (27 Kawi, 61") and it really stuck to it and was really good. If you are going to be mowing hill sides junp uo to the s200x, and relatively low cost at $7,500.00.

    Overall I am very pleased. One has about 80 hrs. wth absolutely no problems. My other one has about 30 hrs. Had a problem with the motor, and the dealer handled it well and so didn't Kawasaki. Got a brand new motor at 15 hrs., been fine since. Taking into consideration price and quality I would highy suggest taking a look at the Snapper Pro line. I am going to be taking pictures of the machine in the next few days, and will post in the thread. Please ask questions or comment. Take a look at Snapper Pro Line at:
    The price is very good with no scarifice of quality.
  2. ed2hess

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    Glad to hear this info. Earlier in the year we was looking at 61" unit and compared the same two. At that time Scag matched the Snapper price so at the last minute we went with Scag. The price is right on that 48" unit...
  3. mjealey

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    You must have really gotten a good deal on the Scag. Dealers in our area weren't very flexible on their asking price. It was pretty much take it or leave it.

    Their our two other lawn companies in our area that made the jump to the Snapper Pro. One company replaced one of their three Cub Cadets with one and they really like theirs a lot more than the Cubs and are buying two more to replace their Cub Cadets. The other company uses it in contrast with their Scag's and they speak highly of them and said they would consider buying more in the future. Not saying anything bad about Cub Cadet, just going by what they told me when we were talking.
  4. Lawn-Sharks

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    I have a 04' Commercial Snapper 52" ZTR w/21hp kawi that now has over 2,600Hrs and is the work horse of my fleet! If you ever see any pictures that i post or look at my website you will see the great cut that machine lay down.. I talked to a snapper dealer about the Pro and from what they have told me was, it is basically the same as the model i have but with different fuel tanks and Rops...If this is true then i can truly say that from my experience it will be a fine mower to own.

    P.S. I have owned (Paid cash) a few different commercial mowers including Toro, Exmark & Snapper and out of all of them i kept the snapper and sold the rest... My opinions on the snapper are based on performance & reliability, not just because i own one.
  5. mjealey

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    Yes, I agree. I mow with my father and brother-in-law. If they have to choose a mower 80% of the time they go for the Snapper Pro. More comnfortable, more power, and same cut quality as the Scag. Only time they choose the Scag is if it is early in the morning and it is really wet and thick grass. The Scag does do a little better in the thick wet grass, not that much though.
  6. tleviner3

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    I own a snapper 285z and it is one of the best zero turns I have ever owned. 3 acres of yard. I could not have brought a better mower.
  7. StanWilhite

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    Now that is something that I think everyone should consider before posting an opinion......good or bad! :)

  8. Geronimo

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    I just rode my bike from Fort Walton Bch Fl to Hotlanta, Ga. In so doing I saw numerous lawn services working and the mower of choice for most of the ones I saw was the Snapper Pro. Saw a bunch of them, they must be onto something...
  9. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I looked at the S150X, but decided to spend a little more and went with the S200XT 61 inch with the 36hp big block. You can't beat the value of the Snapper Pro mowers and the ICD deck has a great cut. Thanks for sharing the review.
  10. supercutz

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    I am looking at the Snapper Pro also. I am thinking about the S200 w/Kohler 29 efi any thoughts?

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