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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by kyxr600, Jul 4, 2014.

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    Im new to the forum and i have just gotten a job recently as a mechanic at a snapper pro, bad boy, and grasshopper dealer. Currently i have a 2005 bush hog 61" 25hp kohler command commercial mower. i love this thing but after trying some of these new mowers out they really hang on some hillsides compaired to my dinosaur. there's not really anything wrong with my bush hog but its outdated and top heavy, its been serviced regularly and has 700 hrs on it and still looks new. i have decided i like the s200xt snapper pro and i have tried the 25hp kawasaki engine (demo) mower and a 36hp vanguard big block with 100 hard hrs that was a customers. the kawasaki seemed fine but i honestly thought that a 36hp vanguard would stand out and i wasnt really impressed as far as power. were my findings correct or was this customer's mower really a dog. I'm now looking hard at the kohler 29hp efi engine in the 200xt but we dont have one for me 2 demo so any input will be appreciated, thank you.
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    I can't tell you about the Snapper but I CAN tell you about the Kohler EFI engine - I run it in my Gravely PT260.
    The true HP in that engine is 26.5. It is a good little engine, sips fuel at about 1.25 gals/hr. Lacks no power cutting even high wet grass on fairly level surfaces. Will pull down some when running full stick up slopes. I am attributing this to the Hydro Gear 5400's on my machine, they are power thirsty little devils.

    No complaints about the Kohler so far...50 hours in.
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    I have a couple of them 28 hp Vanguard and 25.5 Kawy. Both great machines zero problems in 700hrs.Power is about the same in both. My guys like the Kawy better I prefer the Vanguard. A great value I've run every brand out there so I can give an informed opinion.

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