Snapper Pro WB v. Hustler TrimStar WB

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western NC
Going to buy one of these units but was curious as to which control system will be easier on the operator over the course of a long day. Seems to me like the TrimStar will be easier than the pistol grips on the Snapper.

All opinions welcome!


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Cincinnati, Ohio
Of all the pistol grip mowers, the Snapper Pro is by far the most comfortable unit i have used. I have used a Great Dane Scamper hydro and an Exmark Viking hydro walk behind and the fatigue that comes with these two mowers is much more apparent. However the Snapper Pro has a level of comfort unmatched by any other pistol grip walk behind. The amount of effort to change directions on the Snapper is remarkably negligible. I think you should make a trip to your dealer and test drive both in the parking lot and then choose.

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Snapper pro will be bullet proof and more useful as far as maneuvering and muscling around in dire situations. Your hands will get use to anything you use so that isn't a real factor in my opinion. Like said above, try them both side by side and go with what you feel is best. My vote from years of experience goes to the snapper pro.


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Have had a TrimStar for years and the steering is easy to get used to on it but if you get a sulky for it, watch it, me and my guys have come close to breaking ankles so many times I can't even say. Would I buy one again? Probably not to be honest.