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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, May 12, 2002.


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    I have 2 Snapper walk behinds that I cannot get a good cut out of. I have tried every blade combo I could think of, including doubles. My problem is, I have to double/triple cut every lawn regardless of speed, height or time of year. The decks just don't seem to lift the grass and cut level. There are always uncut strips that need to be gone over. My Toro cuts 200x times better than these units. I am eventually going to switch over to all Toro, but any advice for now would be greatly appreciated. :confused:
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    Brian are you talking about 21s or mid-commercial? I have a 93yr old Snapper 52" Hydro with the 16hp Vanguard which has been work mule,it has always gave a great cut, 5" 7ga.fixed deck i run doubles on it and get great vaccum, i run standard scag marbian high lifts on bottom and med lifts on top, It also stripes very well, i think the older ones were built better than the newer ones,i demoed one at the Louisville Expo last yr and its nothing like mine. I just purchased a new scag hydro but my snapper will out cut it. Sounds like you might have a tweak in the deck if all your measurements are correct you should be getting a nice clean cut. Marks Mowing Service

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    Woops, my fault - didn't give enough info. One is a 95' 48" fixed deck, 14hp Kaw. The other is a 97' 32" fixed deck 9hp Kaw. The 48" has some weird baffling under the deck - extra angles welded everywhere to direct airflow (doesn't work). The 32" has newer style rear only baffling with a wide open front (still cuts bad).

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