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Snapper Reverse Doesn't work

Supper Grassy

LawnSite Bronze Member
New Jersey
i have a snapper 36" pro with 12.5 kohler command engine and when i put the mower in to reverse it wants to stall out on me

anyone know what is going on with it?


LawnSite Fanatic
Un-plug the red wire down by the engine, This will isolate all the safety switches from the engine then try reverse again. When it works you have to plug it back up to shut the engine back off. You have a switch on the trans, Down on the frame for the pto and two on the pistol grips. If you have the bail there will only be one.

Use a multimeter and test the switches for opening and closing until you find the bad one.


LawnSite Fanatic
Did you un-plug the RED wire leading to the engine ?

Doing this will disconnect ALL safety switches from the engine kill lead and determine if it is a engine problem or safety switch problem, Which I believe a safety switch since it moves fine forward.


LawnSite Fanatic
when i put the mower in to reverse it wants to stall out on me
As you say above, Do you mean the engine "stalls" out (shuts down) or the unit "stalls" (fails to back up) ?

Thus far the electrical system has been pretty much eliminated as the problem.