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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jarhay, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. jarhay

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    I would like to hear from someone who has or has had a Snapper joy stick steer mower . To get your opinions on what you like and what you don't. Am thinking about buying a Pro crusier model 60". My main concerns are changing blades and future possibility of bagging. Thank you. :alien:
  2. Blessed 1

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    My very first ZTR was a Snapper joy stick 25hp 60" cut. It had 500 hrs on it and I bought it for $3500. I kept it for the weekend but it cut uneven. I also noticed that I could not stop the inside wheel from locking up. Dug many holes that weekend in the yards that I cut. It seemed as though as soon as I tilted the lever to the left the left wheel would lock up and drag. Needless to say-the following Monday I traded it in on a New Toro Z Master. I did not like the 1 stick concept. In my opinion I have more control with 2 levers vise 1. My experience was with a used mower. A new Snapper might be nice.:rolleyes:
  3. danny van hoozer

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    JARHAY, I have had a snapper pro cruiser 61 inch with a 25 horse kohler for the last three years. I like my joystick very much. I've driven the other commercial mowers and did'nt like the double stick drive as much as my joystick. My arms got tired faster after driving the others. I can go anywhere or do anything the others do. I know,because I have mowed with the other guys along side their mowers when I was subcontracting with them. As far as getting to the under of the deck on my snapper I have a chain in the garage and a chain hoist to lift the front of the mower. I wrap a chain around the front caster wheels and hook the hoist to the chain and start raising until the motor mounts are hitting the ground. This method is the fastest and the best way I have found to get under the deck. If I was changing blades every day I would weld up a ramp type platform I could drive up on and take out the section under the outside spindle bolts. That way you could drop the bolts out and the ramp wouldn't get in the way. I would't mind knowning how some of the other people are getting to their decks as mid mounts are getting more and more popular. As far as the bagging question goes I don't have one for the snapper but I would't mind having one. I think my dealer told me it would be around thirteen hundred dollars to purchase one.
  4. Hoosier Mower

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    My first ZTR was a Snapper 42inch Crusier with the joystick control. Besides it cutting uneven and breaking down every week it was the biggest piece of junk I've ever seen. I have heard a few good things from people but I'm not a fan of Snapper. I prefer my Chopper.
  5. bruces

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    My first rider was a 38" I believe with the joy stick. It cut ok, but I found that it was very poor when I got on any kind of slope.

    I couldn't believe the difference when I bought my Toro Z.

    I don't know if the bigger ones are better, but I wouldn't even look at the joy stick model.
  6. wattsup

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    Do not buy this machine! Snapper is coming out with a redesigned mower soon. It should be available by December. They are going to stop producing the old machines. I have one of these and it has been a good mower, but when they stop making them parts may be hard to find. The rep in my area says Snapper will not even talk about the new mower to customers until they sell all of the other mowers. The new one will have fold in twin sticks and the same drive system as an Exmark. He had a picture of one of them and it looked almost identical to an Exmark. Also, the price of the new mower will be @ $6700 for a 25hp Kawasaki 60" cut. Good luck.

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