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    Hi all,
    Hoping someone can help me with a question. (maybe you could look at your mower if you have the same type as I do) I have a Snapper rear engine rider that is approximately 15 years old. 33 inch single blade deck. In the process of putting on a new belt I tore loose a wire that I believe is a safety wire because now the mower will not start. I need to know how/where to reconnect it. On the deck there are two wires in a black cover. One of those wires is black and one is dark brown. The dark brown one is connected by a connector to a light brown (tan) wire that goes back toward the motor. The black one is not connected to anything (I think that is my problem!) I need to know where to connect the black wire and then how/where to tuck the length of wire that is on the deck.
    Many thanks if you are able to help.
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    look at page 53

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