snapper slipping?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rockytopp, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. rockytopp

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    Just finished putting a basket case on the grass again. An older snapper rider, it does every thing fine except back up. Has the typical rubber drive unit under it. this is not the first one that has done the same thing. You must hold the shifter in reverse or it moves out of gear, and it does not have the grab to move the mower if it is trying to back up and incline, it has lots of rubber and the drive plate is not cracked or warped. tried adjuststing the small adjustment to give more pressure between the drive plate and rubber driver.. still the same results. I do not have a manual covering the proper way to adjust .... help if you can... Please.
  2. Snapperman

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    i have a 1962 snapper comet and mine has the same set up as yours but i dont have a adjustment,its wird ever since i did an engine transplant it does not happen to slip any more plus i adjusted the metal plate (on the main shaft) that propells the rubber disc, of coarse it might not have enough power to the reverse to back up without slipping. you could adjust the shifter so the rear has a little more power.

    that is just something you have to play around with until you get it right
  3. rockytopp

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    Thanks Snapperman., I will keep plugging away at it. there great machines, just touchy on adjustment I guess. got a ton of power just don't want to transfer it. and of course the rider I have is a front mounted engine, and the drive belt, drives the plate. thanks again. there has got to be a book covering it, but I have no idea of age or model. I can't find a number no where. A the whole front sheet metal unit was gone and I rebuilt one off of another brand mower, and painted. Sharp when done.

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