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Snapper Turfcruiser


LawnSite Member
Dayton, Ohio
Thinking of biting the bullet and buying a ZTR. My local dealer is trying to sell me a Snapper Turfcruiser and I want your opinions on it. It has a 61" deck with a 25 horse Kohler. About what would this run in your area? He's wants $7,400.00. Thanks for your reply.


LawnSite Silver Member
My Opinion......to be very frank I think its junk. I tried one, its not built for &quot;real&quot; commercial use. I would understand if you were doing it for the price, but for what your dealer is raping you on it, check out a Exmark Lazer Z, the prices are pretty close, the ex-marks going to be a little more, but its 100% better of a machine. I know everyone has their favorite z's but I hope you compare the quality to other units in the price range.<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti


LawnSite Senior Member
I demoed a turf cruiser at Expo 99 last year at Louisville. It's a very decent machine if you can master the joystick control. Personally, I found it a &quot;*****&quot; to master, but some might not feel the same way, otherwise it's a very well built machine. It's manufactured to be a lot like a grasshopper. I think Snapper has done their homework on this machine, because the 74&quot; deck on the machine I demoed was as good a deck as I'd seen on a machine in some time. Try one from a reputable dealer and make your own decision. They are definitely not junk. Thanks, Lynn


LawnSite Senior Member
Eastern NC
That's the problem, here.... You can't ask a question here and get a straight answer without someone &quot;pitching&quot; the brand they use, and it is &quot;ALWAYS&quot; thebest. That snapper mower is VERY nice it is built like a tank. There are versions of the same mower with the joystick or the the regular twin &quot;sticks&quot; for steering. Pick your flavor, at least they DO give you a choice.<br> And in case you are wondering, no I do not own the snapper turf cruiser, but have demoed them. It's solid.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: lakegastonla


LawnSite Fanatic
I think twin stick is the way to go. Snapper has one commercial model with two steering levers, and it is the only I would buy. People around here have access to Snapper easier than any other mower, yet most cutters use exmark.


LawnSite Senior Member
I haven't tried the cruiser, but i have scag 52s walkbehinds and also snapper 52s I think snapper makes one of the best walkbehinds,the tracking system is awesome,and the loop steering is top notch,and easy on the hands,plus you can cut much closer to sticker=bushes ect, But don't let anyone tell you snapper commercial equipment is junk.<p>----------<br>Mark's Mowing Service<br>


LawnSite Senior Member
I demoed one befor I bought, not the mower it should be for the money. and as for the &quot;pitch&quot; I belive that might be what people are asking for. Openions. <br>It might not be the best out there. there might be better ones. but I went with a Great Dane chariot 61&quot;25hp, I relly like it. See if you can find one befor you put money down on a snapper. BTW 6900.00 snapper was 7400.00. Jim


LawnSite Member
I bought the 52&quot; 25 HP snapper Z. It was not my mower of choice, but dealer location was the factor. My dealer had the 61&quot; for $6600. It's a descent machine for me, because I'm part-time. I'm not sure if I'd like it if I used it all day everyday. It cuts very fast, but tends to scalp a little. I will say that Snapper has made some improvements on their commercial line. For the money, I won't complain, but I wouldn't spend anymore than that on one. Good luck, Bill