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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, May 4, 2011.

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    In my efforts to expand I many need to be running 2 ztrs. I've been a hustler man for the last few, but they are getting more and more expensive. I've been looking at snappers. Heard good and bad things about them. They are much cheaper. I could almost get 2 snappers for the price of 1 hustler. The snapper might not last as long, but if its half the cost and last half the time it would be a wash.

    Anyone got any thoughts on either of these?
  2. weeze

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    there's a lawn company here that uses snapper pro ztr mowers...i guess they work fine...they are about $6500 compared to a hustler x-one which is $8800...i'm not sure about the specs or how fast they go or anything but they do use kawasaki engines as well.
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    Be very careful with the Snapper Pro. I have a 61" 200x series that I am not satisfied with at all. First off the mower would'nt keep the blade belt on when engaging the pto. Of course they had to retrofit with a wider ideler pulley so as not to drop below the pulley on start up. Both gas caps continue to slowly leak gas from the top of them as the gas spashes around. They have already changed them out once but I just live with it now. The hour meter quit at 200 hours. All 3 of the ideler pulleys on top of the deck had to be changed out at around 400 hours(guessing on the hours because have no hour meter) due to the bearings wearing out at the same time. And to top it off this week had to take back to the shop because it died on me when it blew a couple of fuses which I couldn't replace without them blowing as soon as you turn the key on. All of this is within the first year of owning this crappy mower. I had the decision before I purchased this mower to go with the same mower which I had previously(Ex-Mark) but because of the price, I went the stupid route and bough based on price alone. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
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    Stay with Hustler...they're probably better in lush grass.

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