Snapper W48120 w/Kaw FS460v Engine Replacement...

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by getdown, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Hey Guys.

    Question. So I've got an older snapper walk behind with the FS460v on you probably know, this engine is no longer made. The engine has fine compression, but it's a pain to start up as the recoil assembly is lost (no replacement made that I've found) and probably has tons of hours on it...I've cleaned up the carb and when I get it going it runs strong. I've debated just getting a new engine for it (something cheap as it's my backup). The FS460v is a little bit underpowered anyways for a 48 inch deck, isn't it? 12.5HP? Thought it might be better to just buy something cheap and make it more reliable (it's still my backup), but if I got it running better I could keep more hours off my primary. I could keep the Kaw for something else later on...some project...or something that I use less often (like a log splitter or something).

    But my question is, how do I know what engine works? Obviously I know it's a vertical mounted block...but do I only have to match up the shaft width/length or are there other factors? Any engine suggestions for a "bolt on" kind of swap...?


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