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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cheeta, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Cheeta

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    I bought a used snapper 48 inch walk behind for some smaller yards last month. This was my first walk behind that I have ever used. It's in really great shape , great hydros, really cuts nice, but I have problems with spinning the wheels a lot and it doesn't take much to pop the deck in the air. I put new tires on it thinking it would help stop the spinning but, it hasn't. I read about putting weight or some type of ballast on the deck but the article wasn't to informative . Can I get some input from you folks to correct this!
  2. jhawk60

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    I have a 48" John Deere walkbehind and I have four 10 pound weight plates on the front of it to keep the front end down on hills. On mine I just set the plates on the deck height adjustment pins but you would probably have to have some 1" pipe welded on to hold the plates if I remember the snappers correctly.

    As for the wheels spinning, let out on the controls slower.
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  3. OakNut

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    I think the Snappers are the same as my Ferris - or at least very similar.

    I can pop a wheelie with my 36" hydro with ease - if I should wish to do so.
    I never have any problem with the tires spinning unless I'm headed up a step slope and it starts to slip on some wet grass.
  4. Cheeta

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    Thanks Jhawk I will look into something to that effect, you are correct I can't slide em over the pins, ( no room) ! And Oaknut you are right as well it pops a willy with no problem if you let the handles out to quickly! I have been using a grandstand for quit a while and it's hard to get use to this mower. One thing fo sure I need weight on the deck!

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