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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, Feb 12, 2001.


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    Can anyone give me some feedback here? I have two snapper walk behinds, a 32" with a 9hp Kawasaki, and a 48" with a 14hp Kaw. both are fixed deck belt drives. The majority of my customers are senoir citizens who only get the lawn cut every other week (no matter what, and the want it cut low!). My problem is that I can't get a quality cut to save my life! Mulching seems to be completely out of the question, and with side discharging I end up having to go over the clumps a few times (even with gator blades). A lot of these lawns are too big to bag. So my question is, do these Snappers stink or is it all just because of the 2-week grass cut? I see other guys in my area cutting about the same time using other brands and their lawns look great!
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    I have a Snapper 52" with 16hp Vanguard engine. Its my favorite walkbehind. Ive cut grass that was 11" tall with no problems. I run double blades, gators on top and high lift on bottom,it cuts great and stripes great. I been using this mower for 8yrs now and have never had any major problems. Put on a new regulator, and 2 belts and new tires, sounds to me like your HP or FPM speed is not fast enough to handel real tall grass. I cut every-week and i believe thats the difference. Its not real good on your mowers to cut grass that tall every cut. I don't know anything about there belt drives,i use only Hydros. But mine has been a great mower. Marks Mowing Service
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    It does depend on the kind of mower you have and especially on the deck on your mower. With my exmark I have never had any problems with clumping or anything like that. The advice that I may offer is to go over the lawn twice, but then you might as well come every week. Just my .02
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    Brian, Every walkbehind we have are Snapper hydro's, they
    all cut great. The frist thing thats wrong is that 2 week cut, 10 days is the max on cutting time. The other alternative is to double cut the lawn,it's hard to do a good job with out double cutting on a two week cut! I hope your charging them for the extra time and trouble.

    Good Luck!

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