Snapper ZT1844 or Hustler Mini Fast Trac

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by deer66, Jul 11, 2004.

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    Let me just begin by saying I am not a commerical mower , I am just taking care of my property . (rough , lots and lots of trees rocks and etc , you get the Idea) I am looking for the best buy, quality for my buck and I have narrowed it down to the following.

    Huslter Mini Fast Trac with 42" deck and 17 hp kohler
    dealer has given me a price of $3500 dollars . without armrests and no spring seat . I really really like the way the Hustler is built , very strong . But the seat has alot to be desired . The Hustler has EZT , which from what I understand is the lowest form of zero-turn

    Snapper Zt1844 it has 44" deck and 18hp kohler , a big plus that I see this unit has is the Hydro's (just like commerical units). It also has a better seat setup , armrests standard , nicer spring seat . But the deck doesnt hold a candle to the Hustler . Not very thick and I need something tough for my property . I also looked at Consumer Reports and they are rated at the bottom . (problems ) . I dont care for this dealer very much but I can go to another one . Price he has quoted is $3795 .

    Sorry to be so long , but I am asking for some of you (experts) to give me some advice .

    Thank You
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    There is a reason why we are considered the premium homeowner ztr....Build quality, design and product durability.
    The pumps and motors they are using are not the same as used in commercial units.
    And there is a reason that they are at the bottom of the report you read.
    Drive both and feel the difference, I would demo both in grass and then make your decision.
    I am sure there are more people that will chime in here for you.

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    I agree, test drive them both. I did and the hustler was built much better. The snapper felt cheap and loose. My buddy that bought the snapper has now test driven my Fastrak and he will be trading his snapper in.
    I ended up getting a Fastrak 20/52 and now have 10 hours on it, cutting about 4 acres.

    Good Luck

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