Snapper Zt1844 or Hustler Mini Fastrac

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by deer66, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Let me just begin by saying I am not a commercial mower , I am just taking care of my property . (rough , lots and lots of trees rocks and etc , you get the Idea) I am looking for the best buy, quality for my buck and I have narrowed it down to the following.

    Huslter Mini Fast Trac with 42" deck and 17 hp kohler
    dealer has given me a price of $3500 dollars . without armrests . I really really like the way the Hustler is built , very strong . But the seat has a lot to be desired . The Hustler has EZT , which from what I understand is the lowest form of zero-turn . Also the unit is a little short for me I am 6'2" and I can't stretch out .

    Snapper Zt1844 it has 44" deck and 18hp kohler , a big plus that I see this unit has is the Hydro's (just like commercial units). It also has a better seat setup , armrests standard , nicer spring seat . But the deck doesn't hold a candle to the Hustler . Not very thick and I need something tough for my property . I also looked at Consumer Reports and they are rated at the bottom .(problems) This unit is also longer so that I can stretch my legs out . I don't care for this dealer very much but I can go to another one . Price he has quoted is $3795 .

    Sorry to be so long , but I am asking for some of you (experts) to give me some advice .

    Thank You
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    I have the Snapper, bought it this year, and I love it. Cuts and stripes wonderfully, and has fully floating deck. The deck is suprisingly strong (now that I say this I'll probable blow a hole in it tomorrow). No complains, and I use it for 10 lawns per week, maybe more depending on weather.

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