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Dealer let me demo a snapper with joystick control, and I didn`t care for it much, seemed like a pretty good machine though, I especially liked that you could change belts without tools. I bought a lazer after spending too much time thinking, had a few problems with the lazer but I think theproblems are taken care of now.

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i started with a snapper 48"z.i really liked the joystick control.but i had nothing but problems with the hydros.this was an older (1993) machine but it only had 800 hrs on it.have you tried out a new COUNTRY CLIPPER? similar to the snapper (since they were the company who made them for snapper)nice machine. but they don't make a deck smaller than 52".this new mower hauls! i demo'd one in the parking lot, and man did it move.


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I bought a 38" Yard Cruiser last year for my yard.
I found that the joy stick control is ok on flat ground but uncontrollable on slopes.

I bought a 52" Toro Z 100 this year and am happy with it.

However, the Snapper was not a commercial model. No problems with, just isnt the machine a commercial mower is and the joy stick is poor in my opinion.


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Ive never demoed there Z-riders, but there Walkbehinds are my favorite. I have a 93yr 52" Walkbehind which has been almost maintainece free,its going on 5000hrs and that Vanguard just keeps on ticking,plus i love the Loop Steering easy on hands and turns. I think that there riders have the steering arms like all Ztrs if you want it. But in 12yrs ive owned exmark,still have a scag but the Snapper Walkbehind has been the best purchase ive ever made. Marks Mowing Service

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I was using a Snapper 42inch Yard Crusier ZTR and it's just my feelings and personaly experance but it was the biggest piece of sh*t I ever used!!! The joystick control is nice at first but then it becomes a pain, the cut is usually uneven, it has no traction what so ever and thats just a few things to mention! I just finally got rid of it and got me a Dixie Chopper XW2400 with the Honda engine and I'm in love! So my personaly feelings are to stay away from the ZTR's but I have heard alot of good things on thier WB's. Best of luck if you do have a Snapper oh.


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I used to own a snapper joystick model-60in.cut.Ok mower but very slow.


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Like someone posted earlier the new Country clippers really MOVE. Ground speed and performance have been greatly improved since the Snapper days.

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I demoed a snapper truf cruiser i liked it for the most part but when you use it for an extended time when you where done mowing that one hand was still vibrating i didnt like that nor did i like the ride it was a 61" snapper so the the one joystick is ok but not what i would pick