SnapperPro, Ferris or Scag?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kraz4glf, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. kraz4glf

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    I'm looking to purchase my first ZTR. I cut approximately 5 acres and I'm looking to replace a Super A with Woods L59 belly mower with a ZTR. 4 acres are fescue with 1 acre zoysia. It currently takes at least 5 hours to mow.

    The local Scag and Ferris/SnapperPro dealers are recommending the following:

    SnapperPro S200xt 61" cutting width with 32-hp Vanguard BIG BLOCK - $7999
    Ferris IS 2000Z 52" cutting width with 26-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine - $7454
    Ferris IS 1500Z 52" cutting width with 26-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine - $7499
    Scag Wildcat 52" cutting width with 26-hp Kawasaki - Liquid-Cooled - $7999
    Scag Tiger Cat 61" cutting width with 27-hp Kohler Command & SS - $8795
    Scag Turf Tiger 61" cutting width with 27" Kohler Command - $9995

    The Ferris/SnapperPro dealer said the SnapperPro is made with Ferris part but without the suspension system. And the issues with the Vanguard engines and the fuel pumps had been resolved. The dealer also said the Ferris IS 1500Z is made with better pumps than the IS 2000Z.

    The forums here indicate the Scag Wildcat is being phased out.

    Please provide opinions on the better product and pricing from experience.
  2. Just an FYI, ferris is offering 36 mo. 0% interest until 9/31. That would make the decision for me.
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  3. Ridin' Green

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    Of the ones listed, I'd take the SnapperPro and never look back. The TT may be the best of the bunch, but if you are a homeowner and don't mow commercially, then for the money, the Snapper is an easy choice.
    Another member here just bought one of the SnapperPro 200's, and he got an even better deal than that OTD.
  4. SouthSide Cutter

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    It would be between the TC and the Snapper. I looked at the Snapper at a dealer but cant remember if it had a SS. The TC does so that puts the price about 400 off the Snapper. That being said and knowing how the Scags cut I would buy the TC. To bad your not any closer. A dealer has a like new TC with the Kaw mtr, 61" velocity deck for 2500 less!! Has 100hrs on it.
  5. Chevy z71

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    Truf tiger.
  6. all ferris

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    Snapper Pro is a Ferris without suspension....get the Snapper Pro. Whatever you do get the biggest deck you can. Cutting 5 acres with a 52" deck would be painfully slow.
  7. zheinfeld

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    I just picked up a Snapper Pro 200xt 61" with 32 HP for 6450, not sure if he'll match, got it from a dealer in Coldwater, OH. I've only had mine a week and have only done a church, so can't really give you much of a review other than it handles well and is very comfortable even with the stock premium seat. Good luck
  8. StanWilhite

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    I used the IH equivalent of the L59 deck (IH-3160) for 30 yrs....they're tough as nails! You can't wear 'em out if you service them.
  9. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    The 2010 Snapper came with the SS. The 2011 does not. I would agree unless they will come off the price of the Snapper go with the TC. The resale will be much higher also should you ever decide to sell it. Too bad your not closer, my dealer has a big inventory of repos you could get a deal on with the Texas drought.
  10. cimkill

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    Test them all. I think your dealer is too high on the ferris, snapper prices. I got a Ferris IS3100ZP thats propane! I love the ride of ferris thats why i said try all and see. I think you will go with the suspension. Could have gotten one that was not propane same model for low 8's thats with a briggs 32hp. Big Block with a 61"deck!

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