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  1. Bought a 25 lb. bag at Lesco and used it on a customer's ornamental bed's and it has worked AWESOME! A few breakthroughs, but not like before. This stuff is worth it's weight in gold.
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    We have used Snapshot Quite a bit too and had pretty good results with it also.The only problem we have had is when cust. walk in mulch beds alot doing planting and such after the application,it seems to break it up and it is not effective.

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    Diamond I am curious what you are charging per square foot for this application. I too have had good results with it and few callbacks.
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    What license do you need to apply this product?
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    How 'bout sandbur's?
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    You need a pesticide license, just like any other pesticide.

    I have great results with it. I sell a season long weed control package. We put it down in the spring, and make bi_weekly visits to check for/spray the few weeds that will break through.
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    Down here you need the limited commercial landscape license. $150 and half a brain for the day of the test and proof of insurance and you are in.
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    i have had goodluck in the past with it, but seemed to loose control over the last two seasons. i have a post in this forum asking anyones input on a newer product called Freehand> i am going to try this next season and see if i can gain better control again. i lthink it has jsut been too long using the same stuff, like 6-8 years in some places. hhmmmm
  9. I apply it with the handheld Scott's spreader and that holds 3 lbs. The 25 lb bag was like around 75 total and i just double the cost to apply it.

    Yes, you only need the limited license in Florida when applying a pre-m in ornamental beds....
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    that is what i use to apply it, but wear a face mask in addition to gloves, glasses etc. that is high dollar for 25 lbs, we buy 50 lbs for less than 100 bucks!!!!

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