Snapshot over or under mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by UrbanSanctuaries, Jun 13, 2013.

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    A local supplier had a professor come in from VT this week to give a talk on landscape weed control. He said that in all their research and testing, PreM under the mulch always produced longer lasting weed control than putting it down on top.
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    What kind I'd residual are you guys getting? 3-4 months? I'm trying to work on a program as an upsell feature but think 2-3 apps of snapshot or freehand per year will be needed.

    As an upsell I'm also going to need to show some proof of results or at lest sell them that I can suppress 80+% of weeds cause we can't prevent them all.
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    I have always done both when tending to my lawn. That way there is some in direct contact with the soil as well as on the mulch to protect airborne seeds. Who originally taught you to place it on top? That is the person I would go ask. Maybe he has really good reason why he does it the way he does it. Remember there is never just one way of doing something.
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    Well, I was curious who was right in this debate. So since SnapShot is the main pre-emergent we install, I contacted Dow AgroSciences, LLC (the manufacturer) and posed this question to them. The question being; whether it's best to install the Pre-M underneath a layer of new mulch or on top. Seems that either application is acceptable. But it seems that you do not need to do both. Here is the exact reply I got from "Jenny" with Dow;

    Thank you for contacting Dow AgroSciences. It can be done both ways. We always tell folks if the mulch is not down yet, go ahead and apply SnapShot* first. If it is already down, just make sure you are watering it enough so that it gets incorporated into the soil.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank You,
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    I am looking into using snapshot. I've been using Preen and have been spreading it in the shaker can they sell and just refilling that from the bigger containers. How do you guys apply snapshot and how much? I read around 2 lbs per 1000 which seems like a lot less than the preen.
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    Tagging along...

    I have a customer getting a lot of nut grass in their beds and trying to find best way to control it.
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    Pretty sure Snapshot will not control nutsedge. It prevents germination and nutsedge doesn't really germinate like other broadleaf weeds.
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    Well hell...that sucks. That stuff is the bane of my existence as far as beds are concerned

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    According to a Penn State article, Snapshot can be applied either over or under the new mulch. Watering it in is the important step. Whenever we install a new landscape bed, pre-emergent is installed under the mulch, as I like the barrier right at the soil layer, but that is just my preference or way I was taught. When re-mulching existing mulch beds, we have done it both ways, but most of the time it is before we apply the new mulch.
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