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  1. Turfdude

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    Just curious to see whether you apply this product prior to topdressing beds for better soil contact, or directly after mulching to ensure there will be no weeds germinating in the new mulch. I know where I stand, but am just looking for others' input on the use of this type pre-emergent.
  2. bob

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    I always put it down after mulching.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    snapshot goes down before the mulch. For dyed mulches that is my only application. If we are using root mulch it goes on before and after mulching.
    Have also had very good results with Pre-Em 0-0-8. One Quarter The price of snapshot. You can get it at Lesco
  4. AlpineNaturescapes

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    Definitely before the mulch. If you think your mulch is dirty, put down a second lighter app.
  5. Premo Services

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    Why not do an application of half the rate per 1,000/sf before, and the other app. after the mulch is put down. I am thinking about this because you would have the recommended amount on the label down per 1000/sf.

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