Sneaky Employees??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mattfromNY, Dec 26, 2006.

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    And don't forget drug screening during the hiring process.It doesn't eliminate all the shady employee's but it drastically reduces them before the ever rip you off. It isn't that expensive either it costs $38.00 per test and we explain to them that they pay it when they go take the test and if they pass it we reimburse them on their very first check even if they don't work out as an employee. We also give them a little more. That we don't tell them we are gonna give them for helping the world have a little less drugies out there by not being one.
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    This is the reason why my drivers get the dump trucks with bigger blades. Its harder for them to plow resi's with a 9ft blade when the driveway is 8ft wide and they cant see out the back because the dump is blocking them. therefore no one flags them down. I drive the 250 so if I get flagged down, I keep it, not my employee.

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    Sneaky??? I wish I could find an employee that would show up for work on a consistent basis enough to even start to be sneaky. If they were sneaky I could at least take comfort in knowing they come to work :laugh: :laugh:

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