sneaky @ss cust had me spied on!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Sep 15, 2005.

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    so i get a call from a cust that i havent seen in 3-4 weeks and asks me why did i leave her lawn uncut one day?i told her remember i was there untill dark and couldn't see i came back the very next day and had to finish only the back lawn about 15 min.she say she wasn't home for the last couple weeks and had a neighbor watch her house thats how she knew i left and came back.anyway her neighbor says i left it unfinished 2 days strait..."lie"...
    then the neighbor tells her i came back in 4 days and cut it again....."lie.....
    i came back in like 5 -6 days.i cut it every 5-7 days anyway because the grass around the sewer line gets super i havent been there now in 2 weeks because it quit growin.and i tell her that.then she says hey by the way the grass is turning brown is that because you cut it too short?i chuckled and told her i havent lowered my blades at all.i say it is due to the drought.i say i think fall is early and the lawn is going dormant.already she says ? yes mam.she says so are you cuttin it even if it dosent need it ?i said no i havent been there in 2 weeks.she then tells me that she gave the last check to her neighbor to give to me did i get it?no,mam i found it in your storm door when i was going to leave you a flyer.she says ok and good i am pissed not only because her neighbor filled her head full of untrue $hit but because her nosey a$$ neighbor couldn't pay me for her but she sure as hell can gauke at me from behind closed doors.would yall drop this cust? she is a good payer and has never untill now questioned anything i have told the way that is her ranch house on my site that took so long to fix.
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    No. don't drop her. It's not her fault she has Mrs. Cravitz living across the street. If she's a good paying customer, keep her. Also, I'm willing to bet, and by the sounds of it, that you have more credibility than her ogling gossiping neighbor. You have to understand...some people take people like this for what they're worth.
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    two words

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  5. befnme

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    green pastures oh, now i see that i did not space a few times.this is supposed to be a professionals site.i can not believe that you actually wasted a thread to say something so trivial. if you want to act like a professional then criticize my work not my typing.i hope that you are not this asinine with your customers.have a nice day.
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    That lady across the street was asked by your customer to keep an eye out on her house while she was gone.That's what the neighbor did.
    She must have got confused on when you were there and how many days before you came back.That is very easy to do when you are old and your days all run together.I am sure the neigbor did not lie on purpose to get you in trouble with your customer.
    Why she did not pay you I have no idea besides mabey by the time she saw you over there and got ready to bring you your pay you were in and out and gone.So she left it for you.If she hated you she would have lost your check.
    I suggest you go over and introduce yourself to her and tell her thanks for leaving the check where you could find it.I'm sure she ment no harm..make freinds with her and forgive her for telling on you.

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