SNG 400gal unit

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    Anyone out there had experience with the 400gal. spray unit that SNG sells. We are looking at options to increase our liquid capacity and up front this looks good. If you do have experience, I am interested in the stability of top mount reels and pump, agitation, and over all performance. T :blob2:
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    call rhett clark at

    these guy's make wonderful units.

    or buy a used tgcl hort truck. 3 tanks equaling 600 gallons. i have a number for a guy in texas that buys these things 10 at a time. he sells them for like 10-12k
  3. Kent Lawns

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    Soft-N-Green's is nice because it stacks all the components on the tank, leaving the bed available for dry fert.

    (Plus I like the way they talk on the phone.) :)
  4. Call me call me call me, I build whatevery you need to your specs.
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    :cool: THE 400 gallon unit is a very nice rig. SNG takes great care in building a quality sprayer that will not give you major headaches. We sell some of their units in Canada.

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