Snotty Lady and Jumpy Poodle.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. MOW ED

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    While reading the string trimmer thread I was reminded of a little occurance that happened to me yesterday while mowing.
    I was done with the cutting and I was up on my trailer about to get my string trimmer started when I noticed a lady walking down the street near the trailer. It was the stereotypical image of a nicely dressed older lady walking a rather large standard poodle with the fluffy feet and tail. You know the sort of high society stuck up type. The dog was on a leash. I held off starting and I was trying to make eye contact to say Hi.
    I know she saw me there because you couldn't miss me. As she approached and didn't even acknowledge that I was there I didn't say anything and she kept walking with Pierre the french poodle. Well she just got past the gate of the trailer and I lit the string trimmer up and I scared the Grey Poupon out of that sissy looking dog. He shot forward and actually pulled Hi-society Sally down the street. I juiced the throttle a few more times and he put that fluffy tail down under his nut-sac and wanted to be back in the palace.
    I usually am not cruel to animals or people but I really did get a laugh,:laugh: out loud when I saw him jump. She still did not look back but I know that she knew I was there.
    I'm sure you guys have some of the same kinds of stories.
  2. geogunn

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    I'll bet that was funny!

    I had a guy walk his little dippy dog down the street and stopped to let him pee on my trailer tire.........WHILE I WAS STANDING ON THE TRAILER!!!

    I simply told the guy: "I can't believe you let him do that".

    he replied: "why? It didn't hurt anything!".

    I told him to: "let the dog pee on the other tire and see what gets hurt.....".

    GEO :hammerhead: :clapping:
  3. sheshovel

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    I was landscaping a front yard one time working from the front to the back of the yard ,so the front was all planted nice and here comes this man with one of those greyhoun dogs.Walks right up and stands there and lets his dog pee on my new plantings.I said"Hey wadda ya think your doing letting him pee on my plants there!""Oh it's ok it's good liquid fertilizer for the plants" I say"OH No your way wrong about that dog urine will kill those plants and if they die I have to replace them and it costs me $$ plus it makes me look like I did something wrong>" He just smiles at me and walks on so I get the hose and saturate the plants to delute the ddog urine..and I warned my customer about it and said I would not be responsible for those plants at all cuz of that guy.So I am done with the job and I get a call from the client"Hey I caught that guy you told me about handed letting his dog pee on my plants""And I went out there and gave him hell!"he wwon't be doing that could hear me yell at him all over the neighborhood!"I said GOOD JOB!!!
  4. METRO 36

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    Last week i was mowing and the neighbor threw something in the back of my truck, but he didnt know i saw him. So i go on abought my business and when iwent to dump my bagger i saw a brown paper baf full of dog sh@!.

    If the guy had asked i probaly would have said no problem toss it in,but he didnt so i picked the bag up walked around to the fence were they where sitting under a big umbrella. Casually leaned over the fence and said how is it going, the wife looked nervous(excuse me guilty) but the man just smiled and said fine and went on abought how just cleaned up his flower beds leaves etc,and he didnt need a lawn service to do it he could bla bla bla. I replied good for you you look like you could use the exercise and oh yeah find somewhere else to throw your dogs sh@#, and i threw the bag at his feet where it spilled all over.

    probaly wasnt right but i didnt care there are alot of things i can tolerate but get sh@# aint one of them.
  5. rodfather

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    Would have been even better ED with a snotty poodle and a jumpy lady :laugh:
  6. lawnspecialties

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    I would love to have been there.:laugh:
  7. METRO 36

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    It was quit entertaining. Honestly i try to be as polite as possible and dont like being rude to any one but some times i just dont care.

    Ill throw bag back over get mynews paper and drop my own

  8. METRO 36

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    Maybe a little off subject but i saw a jogger round a corner today and run into a lco trailer she hit the end gate fell over, let me refraise that she hit the end gate did a falling stumble roll,bounce thing across the sidewalk backwards. some how came up on her feet and just carryed on her marry little way never even looked back do think she was embaressed
  9. P & L Turf

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    Thats great!!!:laugh: If the dog is that scared, it obviously doesn't go out much. I've got the problem of dogs chasing the mower and trying to bite it or the operator.
  10. topsites

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    Yeah I hate that, most dogs are smart enough to respect the machine but then I'm behind it and some want to get cute.

    First if they bite me it's no good but if they get in the way or too close to the machine that doesn't work, either.

    I learned a few maneuvers over time that after I do it a few times, the dog(s) usually not so aggressive / playful anymore. Basically if they start to get a little too close, I turn around with the machine and face them... Of course now they run (but watch if they don't and be ready to disengage blades) so I go after them a bit and turn around. If they come my way again, I spin on a dime and repeat and keep doing it and faster and faster when they come (so they get less and less close to me, I turn to face them if they even THINK of coming my way) and that eventually works... Well that and by then I'm done cutting lol

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