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    I noticed in another thread that someone had a question on snow accumulation on a certain date. Another member posted a reply with a link to nooa weather site. I have looked at that site and can't find any histories of snow fall amounts for different areas. Can someone let me know where weather histories can be found? I am looking for snow fall amounts and possibly temps for Poughkeepsie, NY. Any help would be appreciated. I can also be emailed at

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  4. Lawn wiz

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    Tried these two site second one did not open and first didn't show jan 2001. Anyone have any info on snow accumulation by date.
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    Here is where I get the snowfall info for my area: Click on a date and check out the archived info. Yee-ha! Here are the archived totals for your area at The first link is for the latest event.

    Youre welcome.

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