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    The trucks and plows rolled today for the first time. The funny thing is that even at 11 last night the weather guys said now accumulation. Well i went to the shop and put all the plows on the trucks, and at 3:30 am called in the crew, we were on the road by 4:30. It was great having 13 trucks on the commericial lots things got done a lot faster. We didn't do any residental because there was only about 3/4&quot; or snow sleet and freezing rain. So the 5 trucks assinged to residental helped with the commercial, as the case with any commercial run only. At 9 am all the lots and roads were plowed and sanded with out the assisting residental trucks we would have been there untill noon. Well its only 3/4 of an inch but its a start. It was really nice having pull plows in some of the parking lots that we do, the pull plows generally do residental. Even the pull plow that i built worked really well.<p>If you guy ever want to build a pull plow, they aren't that hard to build. The one i built lifts up 1 foot higher than a daniels.<p>Geoff

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