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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by dozerman21, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. dozerman21

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    I'd like to start using my CTL in a subdivision that I plow. I've always used trucks in there but there isn't a lot if room to stack snow, and I think my loader would be more efficient. I have a pusher box for bigger, wide open areas, but it doesn't have a back drag edge and isn't really designed for that. The subdivision has 100+ drives that we clear along with the streets. I'm looking at either a snowblower attachment or a large power angle snow blade. The snowblower is intriguing since I'll only move the snow one time and it will probably clear better. My machine is not high flow, so not sure if that's a deal breaker. On the flip side, a blade would be more useful on other parking lots. I haven't ruled out a Kage system, but i've never seen one in person and already have the pusher box. Anybody have a recommendation on what they've had luck with?
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  2. alldayrj

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    Horst snow wing looks like a beast. Thats what i would get if miney we're no object or i lived in canada. Followed closely by the kage
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  3. ksss

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    I think from a clean appearance standpoint its pretty tough to beat a blower. Your 23 gpm would be plenty to run a blower for as much snow as you would be blowing at a time. The only down side to driveways and snow blowers is you about have to back drag away from the garage doors or travel parrallel with the doors which is a little tricky when its slick but doable.

    A blower is not often the fastest way to move snow. I have a 10' FFC Box that holds like 12 yards of snow. Its got a back drag blade on it. I dont really like it. I like the looks of those V blades that you can make a scoop out of. That looks like a very versatile attachment.
  4. meets1

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    I blow with a bobcat blower an bobcat machine. I can drive straight into the door, leave some room, swing into the piles left and your good to go. A little shoveling may be needed by helper. I also use a Kage which is proving excellent thus far. But if money is tight and you can't have two attachments, go with the blower. Like kiss said 23 GPM is enough power to run the blower and should be fine for what your doing.
  5. ARP

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    After buying a Kage for our 930 loader, we bought a 9' unit for our T770 Bobcat loader this year. We've used it for one storm already and are very pleased with the efficiency of the trackloader/Kage combination.
  6. PTSolutions

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    our rc100 is dedicated to a 63 unit hoa that we maintain year round. In the winter we are responsible for clearing the drives, roads, parking areas, and central mailbox area. We use a boss 9' trip edge skid steer blade with the boss wings that make it 11' wide. It probably cost around 3500 otd. I was also looking at the 10' kage unit like ARP has, but the cost difference was what made me choose the boss blade. The 100 will pull the snow off of 10-15 drives into the street then go through and clean the road and drive piles. I like this setup because I get the ability to angle the plow and maintain a scoop because of the wings, but not lose windrow capability like the kage with the box attachment on. Plus I don't have to go around hooking back up to the box wings. Now, had this unit been on a parking lot only, then I definitely would have gotten a Kage. For this HOA the boss blade is most efficient.

    I also have an erskine 2410x hi flow snow blower for the skid that we use to blow piles back. This is a very tight hoa with not much room to accumulate snow. So when the piles get too big, we blow them to spread them out to make more room. We do not leave snow at the aprons of the houses, much to tight.

    My vote is for both lol. We paid about 6400 for the blower. The blower is much much slower than you would think at clearing anything 4" and over in this scenario. It excels in deep deep snow where a blade cant do anything and for moving piles. Remember there is no trip action for the blower either.

    this is our machine for cleaning residential driveways:

    Boss skid steer blade w/o wings:

    2410x blower on rc100:

    And these are the wings that are on the skid steer plow now, they are interchangeable to any of our truck plows, except the XT plow.
  7. stuvecorp

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    I like the snowblowers in theory but don't think they can beat a regular angle blade. An 8'(or bigger) blade with wings can be pretty productive and versatile. Pretty much any blade is decent, the Boss or Snow Wolf would be the first to look at I think.

    The ultimate is Protouch's tractor rig if you want to really be productive...
  8. dozerman21

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    Thanks for the responses. I think I'll hold off on the snowblower for now since it sounds like they are a little slow and more expensive...and it wouldn't be of much use on my other accounts. I think I'll stop by the Boss dealer and check out that blade, and I might still consider an 8' or 9' Kage system and sell my box. The Horst systems are awesome but very expensive from what I've heard.

    Pro Touch- Nice snow rigs! How does that Boss plow backdrag compared to a truck plow? Does it do a cleaner job since you have some down pressure? I have a Boss V and spreader for my truck. Is there much advantage, or even disadvantage to the XT blades compared to a regular V? I like those wings too...
  9. Digdeep

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    Have you looked at an Arctic Snow Pusher? Might be worth considering if you're not considering a snowblower.
  10. dozerman21

    dozerman21 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Those are nice for open area, bulk pushing. Unless I'm mistaken, they aren't designed for back dragging. The box I have now is similar to a standard Pro-Tech type pusher.
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