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Snow Belt LCOs: Its not too early


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
While clearing snow yesterday I unearthed two proposals, from two different companies, regarding lawn mowing/fertilizing for the upcoming season. Both times, the quote was inside a plastic bag with a handful of pea stone.

Goes to show you, its not too early to start prospecting for new clients. Dont wait for March, Then again, dont toss the proposal where the plowguy can get it either ;)


LawnSite Member
we run into this boob with this great marketing scheme all the time. Might ask the question, how has he surveyed this property or measured lawn area in all this snow. If he claims to have measured the lawn, what was he doing on the property without permission and if he had permission how come he leaves estimate in a plastic bag dropped in the driveway. He is also a classic lowballer.