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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by troberts, Dec 28, 2002.

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    Your web site mentions some third party attachments. I am particularly interested in the snow blower, and/or the utility blade. Both for snow removal for my residence only (standard drive an side walks)

    I have a Metro 48", 15HP Kawi, gear drive, walk behind.

    Do these attachments work well?
    Will they work well with my particular mower?
    Are they difficult to install?
    Will they harm the unit?
    Will the 15HP Kawi work well in cold weather (Search results suggested that it might not)?
    Do you have any idea (rough is o.k.) what they cost?

    Any other insites you may want to add?

    Thanks a bunch,

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    I would have to say that a belt drive unit isn't my first choice. You will have quite a bit of slipping of the drive belts. If you had to use your machine for snow, I go with the blower over the blade because of the belt slipping.

    They are somewhat tricky to get hooked-up. I have use blower and brush on an older Viking hydro and it worked very well.

    We have had some complains about cold weather-op of the engine. If the unit is stored inside a heated shop you should be OK. Most of the engine makers have some type of heat up systems to help prevent carburetor icing.

    As for cost I am guessing 800.00 to 1500.00 price range. I would weight out my options before make any decision. Your unit is not the top pick to convert for snow, but will work if you do it right. I hope this helps we really don’t have any other options at this time.

    Thanks, Fred.

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