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snow blower pics

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used the snow blower for the 1st time in a couple winters. we got a few inches of the heavy wet crap. you know, the kind that hurts your back just by looking at it;) i'm pleased to report the snow never clogged:clapping: it didn't shoot very far but, the important thing is it never clogged:cool2:way to go fluid film:drinkup: there's a bonus pic of the trucks too:weightlifter:

Street light Automotive lighting Snow Automotive tire Gas

Snow Wheel Automotive tire Tire Vehicle

Automotive tire Snow Slope Freezing Astronomical object

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Car Automotive design Vehicle
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NICE PICS!!! That looks like fun~!
Fun you say? That type of snow sucks!, as Skynyrd said it makes your back hurt just looking at it.

Joy, I'll be the first to give you an open invitation to visits New Jersey before we get hit again with another 20+" of the white mess and you can run my snow blower (coated in FF) whilst I sit in a nice warm house, deal? :D

Skynyrd, Dude you look like one of those ghost orbs that people see in pictures lol, you're all reflective :laugh: have fun :waving:
when she's done with your snow rob she can come blow mine too:) i'll dress her up in my flannel lined pants and safety gear to keep her warm then take pics
It's a deal, well as long as we get her to agree lol.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts