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Snow Damage On Plants At Contract Property

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Just curious, how do you handle the damaged plants with the property owner? I have one property in particular that is a condo with an L-shaped parking lot around the building and a retaining wall at the far back of the lot. With all the snow this winter the guy they contracted to push the snow had no where to put it so he piled it all on top of all the back gardens and plants. They are in bad shape now that the snow has melted. The contract just took into effect. The bushes have not been pruned in 2 years and are in awful awful shape plus they are just smashed from all the weight. The property manager I can tell is one of those who don't care or pay attention to the scope of work in the contract, have worked with her on many other properties and she is the type to just call about something and has the mindset the contractor takes care of everything with one price. I want to come up with some options for how to repair and a lot of the plants will need to be replaced but ofcourse that comes with a price
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pre inspection of the site with the property manager. show her what damage exists and explain that it will cost xxx for you to fix or she can have the plow guy take care of it.
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