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You must be talking about in the hills.

Where I am along the coast, a trace to 3" is all the are predicting (if we get lucky.)

I hope, I hope, I hope!!!!


matthew Urban

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Well here I am sitting waiting for 5-9" by tommorow morning, just gassed up the truck, sand is loaded,...this should be the first good storm of the season.
Its supposed to be starting any time now.
(berkshire county, mass)


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Weather forecast as of 3:30pm Tuesday..
Less than an inch accumulation along the coastal portion of Connecticut.

Possibly 2-4 inches in Wilton and New Canaan... maybe I should by those 25 accounts after all??????



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North of 128 in mas to get god amount just about 2-4 in the boston area what i heard so far will check the weather at 6


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Flint, Michigan
I am glad someone else other than Mid Michigan got some snow. I was beginning to think that we were getting all the snow. We've had 30" since a December 11.


Started Tuesday afternoon, trickled down all night. About 3" by 2:30 AM when I went out. 4" by 4 AM when the other two trucks hit the road. WICKED squall around 5:30, almsot 2" in under and hour, then tapered off to a trickle again. Storm total of right around 6". Finished plowing about 2PM, took a break and I went back out tonight to clean up the leftovers and salt a few places that had some pack. As an experiemnt I left a couple unsalted yesterday. Pre salting is the way to go, no pack, everything nice and mealy and showing black in some spots. My lots will be black the earliest again. Sooner or later people are going to start noticing that. Short night last night, not enough of a nap, it's going on 12:30 here now and I'm about to look at the back of my eyelids for several hours.