Snow in Memphis

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 65hoss, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. 65hoss

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    Snow in Memphis. Its snowing in Memphis!:angry: We don't get snow in Memphis this time of year. Heck we only get 4" a year. This has been one of the craziest years ever.
    Oh, all this snow and it is currently 41 degrees.

    Those leaves are getting harder to deal with all the time.
  2. EHesseyLawns

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    tell me the snow is not coming to nashville....i dint know memphis even got snow before january
  3. rodfather

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    Glad to hear we're not the only ones getting this crazy weather:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: Nine inches of snow last week!!!
  4. cajuncutter

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    Just keep it all up there to your selves:D
  5. lbmd1

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    41 degrees? That's shorts weather for us New Englanders! Damn, 50 would be a heat wave right now! Had to wait till 11am to get started today to get one cleanup done. Hard frost this am, still have 37 clean ups left. Only in New England!

  6. Doogiegh

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    Hey rod,
    I heard that the 9 inches we did get tripled our total for the entire 2001-2002 winter.. <G>

    And something about that it's only snowed before Dec 20th like 3 times as far back as the records go to lik 1868 or something?!?!

    to all the guys -

    For the fall cleanups that you verbally said ok to the customer about, would you continue to do them and show up in??? January? Do you keep calling everyone saying we're behind, maybe this week..Then it snows.. another call, we're behind, maybe this week, etc.. or just let them go and roll them into spring cleanups?

    I got a couple still to do, not a single call from anyone as to where I've "been".. Which is great cause with a busted up hand, I'm trying to buy as much time as I can until December 28th.. <G>
  7. Hoosier Mower

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    Snowing good here in Indiana
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    I've seen it snow here many times at 41 degrees, but never over that. We get those HUGE cotton like snow flakes then and it snow so hard you can't see.

    I've actually seen it be in the teens overnight. The snow moves in over frozen ground and the accumulation was amazing.

    I heard rumor of more snow here tonight and tomorrow. But the weather channel is calling for light rain/snow in the A.M. then some pretty stiff wind.

    I hope they miss it all!!!! It rained here all day today :(
  9. greenman

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    Same here, Hoss. It was snowing off and on all morning and early afternoon here, and it was around 40, give or take a little.
  10. SLS

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    This global warming sure is hell, isn't it? :D

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