Snow Melter Machine


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My father in law was telling me about these big hopper type units that the city of Chicago dumps snow into and it melts the snow and the water goes down into the drian system. Anyone use these things? I never saw one.



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These units are mostly used by municipalities and airports. They're big bucks to purchase or lease. John Allin referred to one in a previous thread a while back.

sam c

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Plaistow NH
i went on a tour of logan airports snow and ice control operation a few years ago and they have some of these. a couple were mobile and a couple permanant. i wish i wrote down the amount of fuel they burn it was obscene, near 100 gph.


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Philadelphia just got a few of them. They've been bragging about them on the news. However they haven't said how well they work.

Chuck Smith

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Nutley, NJ
Someone mentioned that their granddaddy told them about melting snow curbside years ago. Some type of flame thrower mounted under the dump body, aimed at the gutter. The truck would just roll along real slow melting as it went.

On that fuel consumption note, the 2 boilers where I work burn 24,000 gallons per day. The tanker trucks just keep coming and coming and coming.....



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columbia Md
New York city used on a week back in times square to clean up the snow before New Years, neat to watch, worked well.
what it is is a vat of boiling water. snow goes in and becomes part of the water. water is slowly let out so that it doesnt overflow but it doesnt completely empty


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That was me a while bag that told about the machine that blows flames into the windrow by the gutter. If anyone finds pics of any of this stuff, let me know! Thanks!