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    With snow in the forecast for some parts of the country this week, it seems appropriate to post something on Snow Mold. While Gray SM rarely kills C3 turf in the snow belt, it is unsightly. However Pink Snow Mold can kill turf crowns entirely even on home lawns (mine included!).

    Does anyone plan to take advantage of this seldom used sales opportunity? There are certain afluent Metro centers & other fine turf areas where highly manicured lawns are prone to unacceptable levels of snow mold damage most years, when left untreated. Often times (such as my own lawn), only certain areas are prone to Snow Mold. So these are the only areas that require treatment most years. Look to shaded areas around structures/buildings, areas of traffic where there is likely to be compacted snow (and soils), & areas of unusual snow accumulation & prone grasses for areas that favor disease developement.

    While golf courses usually spray any of several good fungicides, I have found that most of my customers are either using spray equipment for Deer repellents, or have their rigs already winterized.

    1%Granular Bayleton (good) & 10% Granular PCNB (very good) both offer the chance to protect turf when applied before the first & usually the last snow falls of the year. While not cheap to apply, these services are usually only marketed to those consumers who's high expectations make the $ale price of this premium service a negligable issue.

    Sports Fields, Theme parks, Conference Centers, Ritzy Hotels, Classy Shopping Centers & Malls & finer homes/estates all come to mind.

    Any thoughts on this subject?


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