Snow Plow for Skids

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by wanabe, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Has anyone ever converted a old pickup size snow plow to a skid mount unit? I have been thinking about doing just that, but not sure if it would be usefull for plowing snow or how well it would work? It will be going on a large frame CTL, so im not even sure how wide it should be. Thanks
  2. Ground Effects NH

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    Mine is a snow wolf 96" love it heavy duty just added wings for it this year
    Also look at craigslist have seen several. May save you time in manufacturing your own dono?
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    If you have a pair of forks ...take the forks off and utilize the frame...saves having to invest in another frame that just sits most of the time. I welded two big nuts on both sides of the bottom crossmember on the fork frame...plow frame bolts right through them. Chain to hang plow wraps around top of frame.

    You can see it in this pic:


    I use this frame on a 6500# gehl and the RC30...both can handle a 7.5' meyers plow no problem...we just had a 20" powder snow and I pushed for probably 12 hrs. with the RC30 and it went through everything....even uphill.

    I converted an 8' V plow for another skid years ago...was the best for snow. Large frame CTL probably could handle a 10' v plow no problem.
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