snow plow?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by drpepperinacan, Jan 1, 2010.

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    Depends on the plow, parts care available. If the plow needs parts, I hope they are making a good enough price. Make sure the pump and controller are in good enough shape.
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    ...can be tricky for lots. Is it a place that needs to be cleared at all times like a convenience store? Or a place that just needs to be opened up by the start of business. If you have to be there for the whole storm or frequently throughout, price it by the hour. If not price it by the amount of snow when you only have to open it up to 4", 4-8", over a foot etc.
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    no, not really . I could call the guy and ask though . I am lucky he is not trying to sell the plow to any one else or it would be gone by now! I believe It is a 61/2-7 ft plow and is made especcially for ford trucks. he told me that it was missing the cylinders or something. although a guy in rocky mount had a plow just like it with the same problem. I wonder if they are just not made with the rams or they are just both coincidentally missing them?
  4. drpepperinacan

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    what would be a good hourly rate for that kind of work? just so I have an Idea of what to charge.

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