Snow Plowing - What's Your Policy on Broken Mailboxes?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by wz2p7j, Feb 28, 2013.

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    I talked to the association president and she backed me 100%. If we actually hit something we pay for it. If it's an old POS mailbox and it goes over when the snow spray hits it we don't owe the homeowner anything. Same agreement I have with the 50 or so HOA's we service. It was a wet and heavy snow, which we have no control over. And as one of the other posters mentions, we're paid to push the snow curb to curb to the side of the road, something else we have no control over. And if you don't plow to the edge of the road the homeowners get pissed because they have to walk through snow to reach their mailbox.

  2. wz2p7j

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    Almost but not quite. Homeowners here in Michigan know the snowplow is going to come home and thrown snow on their mailbox post. Most people would not expect to have rocks shot at their windows.

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    I know my comparison was a little goofy, but around my service area people still would not expect me to push snow piles into mailboxes that would incur damage. you said the president is backing you up so it sounds like you're good.
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    Your using a snow plow to push snow. You control where the snow is pushed. This is an obvious answer, it does suck, but cmon man. If you really don't care to keep the client than sure, give them the "i was told by so and so that it doesn't fall on us to repair/replace it", other wise get them a new mail box/fix what was damaged. I would feel embarassed if i took down a mailbox even if i didn't hit it and would definately try to work with them on it; Not just say "sorry it's not our problem."
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    I have never hit or damaged a mailbox. However, all of us have damaged something at one time or another. There is no way if I pushed snow and it knocked over a mailbox I would let it go. I would notify the customer that as soon as the snow was gone, I'd be repairing it.:usflag:

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