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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SangerLawn, Oct 14, 2007.

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    My first year in business I advertised snow plowing (planning on buying a plow if I received enough work), well I only got about 5 responses so I subbed (gave the work away). Come the first storm I received about 30 calls and had no plow.
    As far as a snow blower goes, I'm not sure how fast you would be able to do a driveway with one so I'm not sure how to price it.
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    I hear u Sanger! I'm in debt too. The drought sucked and I'm not sure if I should invest in a snow thrower either. U could always use a shovel in the mean time that is if u have a strong back. My back just went out so I'm 1/2 way hoping for a break even though I can't really afford one :cry:
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    I have no problem with hard work. I started this year with a 21 inch push mower, a broom, and a cheap 69 dollar blower. Before I new it I bought a 36 inch Scag, then went cheap and but bought a 50 inch Troy Built. I am not in anyway bragging, just saying the Lord has been really good to me to give me that much work my first year.

    The one thing I noticed is when you have equipment it looks more professional and people tend to take you more seriously. This is the reason I was thinking about buying a snow blower. More then likely I will start with a shovel but was curios about the amount of work and how to price it.
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    you will have to price the work as if you had a plow, because your competition does......... just be careful, if you generate more customers then you can handle, your credibility will be shot.......

    you have a nice truck.... save up for the next year and get a plow....

    good luck....:usflag:

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